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001 Barnacle Bill The Sailor

002 Bestiality's Best

003 Be Kind To Your Web-Footed Friends

004 Bill Bailey

005 Black Velvet Band

006 Boy Meets Girl

007 Brother Johnny

008 Bye, Bye, Blackbird

009 By The Light

010 Cal Drinking Song

011 Can You Walk A Little Way With It In?

012 Cathusalem

013 Cats On The Rooftop

014 Charlotte The Harlot

015 Charlotte The Harlot Lay Dying

016 Christopher Columbo

017 Christopher Robin

018 Clementine

019 Cockles and Mussels

020 Courtin' in The Kitchen

021 Court of The Horny Five Sweetheart Song

022 Daisy

023 Melarkie Sunday School

024 Diamond Lily

025 Did You Ever See

026 Dont Say No

027 Do Yours Hang Low?

028 Eskimo Nell

029 Eyes Right

030 Fa La La

031 Fanny Bay

032 Farmer's Daughter

033 Fuck Him

034 Gentlemen Should Please Refrain

035 Glorious Beer

036 Harlequin's Lament

038 He's Dirt Bastard  

039 His Father Was A Eunuch

040 Hitler Has Only Got One Ball

041 Hold'Em Down You Zulu Warrior

042 I Don't Know What His Name Is...

043 I Don't Want To Join The Army

044 I Don't Wanna Talk About It

045 If I Were The Marrying Kind

046 I Love My Wife

047 I'm A Gentleman Of Leisure, Of Nobility, And Pleasure

048 I'm Your Mailman

049 Incest Time In Texas

050 In Duluth

051 Inside Those Red Plush Breeches

052 In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree

053 It's The Same The Whole World Over

054 I Used To Work In Chicago

055 Ivan Scavinsky Scavar

056 Jack And Jill

057 Jesus Saves

058 John Peel

059 Jonestown

060 Knockers

061 Let Me Call You Sweetheart

062 Life Presents A Dismal Picture

063 Lil

064 Dinah Dinah Show us your leg

065 Lupe

066 Lydia Pinkham

067 Maggie May

068 Masturbation

069 Men

070 Miss Milly

071 Monte Carlo

072 Mrs. Murphy  

073 My God How The Money Rolls In

074 My Old Man

075 Nelli 'Awkins

076 Nelly Cartwright

077 No Balls At All

078 Old King Cole

079 Once There Was A Servant Girl Whose Name Was Mary Jane

080 O'Reilly's Daughter

081 O Unhappy Bella

082 Poor Little Angeline

083 Pubic Hair

084 Put On Your Bustle

085 Queen Of All The Fairies

086 Red Flag

087 Ring The Bell Verger

088 Rip My Knickers Away

089 Sing us another one do

090 Roll Me Over In The Clover

091 Roller, Roller

092 Roll Your Leg Over

093 Royal Marine

094 Rugby Alma Mater

095 Rule Britannia

096 Sambo Was A Lazy Coon

097 Seven Old Ladies

098 She Went For A Ride In A Morgan

099 Sit On My Face

100 Some Die Of Drinking Water

101 Sonia Snell

102 Stormy Weather, Boys

103 Sunshine Mountain

104 Sweet Violets

105 Swing-Low Sweet Chariot

106 Take Me Out For A Good Ball

107 Team Chant

108 The Alphabet Song

109 The Bachelor's Son

110 Balls To Your Partner

111 The Chastity Belt

112 The Church Song - Ding A Dong

113 The Country Gentleman

114 The Erection Factory

115 The Gang Bang Song

116 The Good Ship Venus

117 The Hairs On Her Dicki Di Do

118 The Harlot of Jerusalem

119 The Hole In The Elephant's Bottom

120 The Keyhole In The Door

vvv121 The Kotex Factory

122 The Lobster

123 The Maid Of The Mountain Glen

124 The Minstrels Sing Of A Bastard King Of Many Long Years Ago

125 The Mole Catcher

126 The Monk Of Great Renown

127 The North Atlantic Squadron

128 The Portions Of The Female

129 The Puppy Song

130 The Rajah Of Astrakhan

131 The Ram Of Derbyshire

132 The Ring Dang Doo

133 The Rugby Tinker

134 There Was A Young Sailor

135 There Was A Priest, The Dirty Beast

136 The S&M Man

137 The Sexual Life Of A Camel

138 These Foolish Things

139 The Street Of A Thousand Arse Holes

140 The Tattooed Lady

141 The Tulagi Song

142 The Virgin Sturgeon

143 The Walrus And The Carpenter

144 The Wild Rover

145 The Wild West Show

146 The Woman Marine Hymn

147 They're Digging Up Dad's Remains

148 Those Old Red Flannel Drawers That Maggie Wore

149 Three German Officers

150 Three Old Whores From Winnipeg

151 The Titanic

152 Trojan Is A Girl's Best Friend

153 Victory Song

154 We Are Warriors

155 When Lady Jane Became A Tart

156 Rhodean School

157 Why Was He Born So Beautiful?

158 Will You Marry Me?

159 Woodpecker Song

160 Working Down The Sewer

161 Yo Ho

162 You're A Grand Old Fag

163 You Expect Me

164 Young Roger Of Kildare

165 Your Spooning Days

166 Abortion

167 All The Nice Girls Love A Candle

168 Alouette

169 Anthony Claire

170 A Rugby Toast

171 As I Was Walking

172 A Song About Turds

173 A Toast To Beer

174  Toast To Madge

175 A ToastTo The Ladies

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