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WARNING Rugby Songs can be Tawdry at least, and sometimes downright rude.  If you do not wish to be offended please do not continue browsing this web site. Do not download the songs.

If you want to order a printable of approx 175 songs  in MS Word:

Note the purchasing service we use is Paypal...internationally known (12 million people use it) and is safe and secure.  We never get to see your Visa MasterCard numbers etc. See for information on them (you don't need to join them or anything).

First right click here and "Save Target as..." to an appropriate location in your computer. Then click the Visa below to send a small fee of $10.00 (to pay for the maintenance of this web site ) and include in "Special Instructions" section your email address, your Team name, your Team location, and if possible their web site if they have one.

An unlock code will then be provided to enable you to print all or as many songs as you like. 

Please keep the unlock code to the Team only, to help us maintain the cost of this site.



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Last updated: February 25, 2007.